Date 1937-1938
Country United Kingdom
City Tarporley
Province Cheshire West and Chester
Region/State Cheshire
Grade [Year 3]
Sex of author F
February 7, 1938
What I see – by the church clock.

I’v been here many many years and I have heard a good deal, a seen a good deal.
First I see the flowers on a Sumer evening there are roses lilies and all sorts of beautiful flowers I can see graves.
It is a rather lonely up here during the week days but on Sundays I’m not lonely because the church bells ring I can see people going to church.
Some times I see weddings and people are beautiful dressed and it looks very nice. But some times there is a sad day for me when there is a funeral everybody is feeling very sad and so am I but I expect I will be here many more years mow.

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February 16, 1938

What I mean by tramps are those folks who walk about and they are much different from pedlars. Famers do not like them coming and liying in barns as some times they have an old cigarette that someone has given to them and they light it and throw the match down and it sets the haystack on fire
Most of these tramps I am talking about have packs on their backs, or an old perambulator with no tyres and it squeaks and they come begging at your doors. Some times people give them cans of milk or cans of tea. Once they get used to it they never want to stop traming about.
But the sad part about it is when you see a family of tramps the mother, the father, and some children, becaause when those children grow up they will do as their parents do and their chilren will I expect and they will go on tramping about for day and days and days and they must get very tired.

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February 21, 1938
My mother

My mother has to do her work, and shopping, and sometimes, she gives me pennies when I am a good girl. She gave me a new three penny bit and some more new money. She mends all my clothes, and sometimes she goes into the shop to help Hilda and Doris because George is away ill, and my father has to go out to take orders for and Doris and Hilda cannot go on to the men’s side as well.
One a Saturday night my mother has to go in the shop because we are busy, and she has to write for the goods for the shop. My mother has to get me of to school every morning but on a Saturday I do her shopping for her.

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February 23, 1938
“Our Milk man”

Our Milk man is called Mr B. and he brings our milk every morning. He has a horse and its name is Dolly, and he has cart to put his milk cans in. My mothe pays him every Saturday night, and some times he brings us milk at night. He lives up Utkinton road, and he has a farm with pigs, and cows, and a horse. On each side of his cart he has a lamp to see where he is going, and sometimes in Summer he gives me apples. Sometimes when I go for a walk I see him bringing his cows in, on a Winter’s night, and on a Summer’s night to. He has two daughers’s and one son. His son’s name is Horace and his two daughters’ names are Dorothy and Mary and Horace is getting Married today and he is marrying Hilda J., and it is going to be a grand wedding.

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February 28, 1938

When I go shopping for my mother I see a lot of people, and when we go to Blackpool we see more people still, and expecialy when we goto Woolworth’s at Blackpool when we are on our holidays. But when we are here at Taporley we do not see many people in the shops because it is only a small village.
When I go shopping for my mother I take a basket. Sometimes my mother goes shopping when I ama t school, but on a Saturday I go for her. Some time she takes me withe her.
At night, when I come home from school, I have to take her order to the shop. At dinner time, when I come home, in Summer, I have to go to Vaughan’s for some things for my dinner and for my tea. Sometimes they give me sweets.

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