Date [1984-1985]
Country China
Province Dàlǐ Bai Autonomous Prefecture
Region/State Yunnan
Grade [Middle school]
Sex of author F
notes "Literature" exercise book

The wider the knowledge of people, the more perfect the people themselves. – Gorky

People must have perseverance, otherwise they will accomplish nothing. – Madame Curie

Those who do not make up their minds to cultivate their thinking lose the greatest pleasure in life. – Francis

Only knowledge can constitute a huge source of wealth, even if the land is harvested and the culture is prosperous. – Zola

Those who don’t know what to do tomorrow are unfortunate people. – Gorky

Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. – Mao Zedong

I rushed on the books, like a hungry man on the bread. – Gorky

The enemy of learning is self-satisfaction. To learn something seriously, you must never be complacent. – Mao Zedong

Learn constantly, you know everything, the more you know, the more power you have. – Gorky

Man is alive, and the book is dead. If you read a dead book, you can read the dead book. If you read a dead book, you can read people to death. – Guo Moruo

We should love science, because human beings have no power more powerful than science, and they are already invincible. – Gorky

An experienced person reads two eyes, one sees the words on paper, and the other sees the back of the paper. – Goethe

Wisdom is a gem, and if you use modest rims, it will be more dazzling. – Gorky

We must consult with experience in a variety of situations and circumstances until we draw from them a number of examples of the universal laws they contain. – Da Vinci

There is no flat road in science. Only those who are not afraid of hard work and climb along steep mountain roads can hope to reach the culmination of glory. – Marx

You must know that things in the world are easy to do. It is not easy to not do it. No matter what the size of the matter, no one is not like this. – Columbus

No matter what you do, you must persevere and work hard. – Li Bai

The text should be written concisely. What is concise? Conciseness means less words, but more meanings. Take one or two sentences as an example: “The small building listens to the spring rain overnight, and the deep lane Ming Dynasty sells apricot flowers.” It is only fourteen words, but how many emotions and scenery are included! – Lao She

Punctuation must be appropriate. Punctuation seems like a person’s facial features, can not be seen as insignificant because it is not a word. If the punctuation is wrong, the meaning will change. – Guo Moruo

Modification is an important part of writing. In ancient and modern China and abroad, anyone who writes well in the article probably used Kung Fu in the revision. – He Qifang

Movement is the source of health and the secret of longevity. – Ma John

The body, the car of knowledge and the moral house. (The body is a car loaded with knowledge and a house that stores morality). – Mao Zedong

There are no more beautiful clothes in the world than strong muscles and fresh skin. – Mayakovsky

Books are the ladder of human progress. – Gorky

As a natural scientist, it is also necessary to have the poet’s fantasies, to have the illusion to break the traditional bondage, and to develop science. – Guo Moruo

The establishment of the socialist system has opened up a path to reach the ideal realm, and the realization of the ideal realm depends on our hard work. – Mao Zedong

人的知识愈广,人的本身也愈臻完善。 ——高尔基

人要有毅力,否则将一事无成。 ——居里夫人

不下决心培养思考的人,便失去了生活中的最大乐趣。 ——法郎士

只有知识——才能构成巨大的财富源泉,既使土地获得丰收,又使文化繁荣昌盛。 ——左拉

不知道明天要干什么事的人,是不幸的人。 ——高尔基

虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后。 ——毛泽东









在科学上没有平坦的大道,只有不畏劳苦,沿着陡峭山路攀登的人, 才有希望达到光辉的顶点。——马克思












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The most precious thing for man is life.

The most precious thing for man is life. Life belongs to you only once.



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