How I spent my Holiday

United Kingdom, 9 September 1914

We concluded school on the 31st of July for five week’s holiday. During this time we hardly knew what to do with ourselves. In the former part I helped my mother, but now and then I went on the Heath and helped the soldiers by taking letters to the Post Office for them, or playing games with the scouts. My friend and I went for several bicycle rides. We went to Great Chishall twice, the first time, I happened to get a puncture, but the second time, my friend was the one to get a puncture. I lent my cycle to the scouts, who took it in turns to go on police duty. Later some Irish soldiers came on the Heath. it was very interesting to watch them clean the field guns which they brought with them. The others are Officers, and it is nice to watch them fencing, or crawling nearer to the enemy[.] In the middle of the holidays, my brother came home from Cambridge Hospital, so I amused myself by playing Cards, Chess, Draughts, and other games with him. In the evenings I went to Choir Practices.

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