Alcohol, our enemy

Slovenia, March 9, 1938

Once there was a hard worker. He gave every penny to his family and had a daughter and a son. They were a happy family. They had a big, spacious home. He never hung out with a bad crowd. One day a man talked to him. He convinced him to start visiting the pubs. In the beginning he went very rarely. His friend, however, urged and convinced him to do it even more. He got used to alcohol in one year. He kept forgetting dinner and stayed out late into the night. One winter he was so drunk that he passed out on the road. Some unknown men brought the father home; he was unconscious. A few weeks later, the family moved to a poor basement. The disease came into their home. The doctor was always coming and going. One day he said, “He, too, was killed by the greatest enemy of mankind—alcohol”.

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