My New School

Germany, October 10, 1942

Before the summer holidays I, along with seven others, was selected by our teacher to attend secondary school. We had previously had to do an exam to see if we were fit for secondary school. On the last day of school before the break, our teacher said we would be told where we were going during the holidays but nothing came. A few days before school was due to start again I met our teacher who said I’d have to return to primary school. It was said that the secondary school was yet to be built. After about two weeks it was finally finished, however. On Monday 7th of September at eight o’clock we were required to come to the secondary school on 4 Pestalozzistraße for the first time. Upon arriving we all went to the auditorium where we were all allocated to our classes. One class for the boys and three for the girls were formed. We were in class H1C with Herr Ebert. The initiation ceremony was on Wednesday at ten o’clock and all the parents were invited. Herr Rector Siegert gave a wonderful speech in which he advised us, above all, to be diligent. Well, I’ve been going to my new school for four weeks now and I like it very much. We have lots of new subjects now too. I like English and history the most. The primary school and middle school are in the same building as mine. Playtime is at ten and twelve o’clock so we have to take it in turns on the playground. There are lots of trees in the playground too including a chestnut tree and a pear tree. When you come up the stairs, the Headteacher’s office is there on the first floor where all the handwritten letters and the quote of the week are pinned to the walls. On the second and third floors there are many beautiful pictures on the walls, some even of castles and waterfalls nd minerals. There are also maps and other nice pictures. I like it very much in my new school, and I hope and wish that I can stay here until I graduate.

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