At the foot of a tomb

Brazil, July 1, 1920

It’s nighttime!
A beautiful night in June, the pallid moon, very pallid, still on the peaks of the mountains. In the cemetery the gold-colored rays make the tombs more mysterious and poetic. The city of the dead is calm and silent! With hesitant steps I walked further and entered the holy city. It was late when I was praying low at the foot of the grave of my unforgettable friend. A black figure appeared asking me, “What are you doing poor girl, so sad and quiet?” I replied. “I am praying for the soul of my friend Lucinda, who died two months ago.” Just as I finished, the figure disappeared. I prayed my prayers, and I thought about what had happened. What did it mean? But what was I thinking? … Feeling confused, I left slowly and fearfully. It was late when I began to weep, and I decided to leave that large cemetery. Diana was already disappearing from the sky. When I got home I went quickly to bed!

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