Dear Any

Brazil, November 11, 1932

Dear Any,
You asked me to leave something written especially for you. What do you want me to tell you? The deepest feelings are the ones that can’t be translated into words. Four years we were together—four years of dreams … of hope … of happiness! … Now, everything must pass. That happy collegial time will only remain poignant, aching nostalgia!
Let’s fly away like swallows in search of the unknown, beyond this world so full of sorrows and disappointment!
Everything is uncertain, everything is a question mark!
We will no longer have the joyfulness of youth because life will be different later. We will not play anymore because we will see everything through a different prism—maybe somber, maybe roseate. Who knows? …
We will be separated in the future, swept away by the sea-rippling waves of this life, but united by our souls, by our sincere hearts, no?
The future? A riddle!
The past? A longing!
The present? I don’t know, but it will be all that is sweetest and most beautiful in our lives! Let us live in Him, with confidence in Jesus. He will comfort us and give us encouragement during our painful separation!
Your request, I’ve fulfilled it. Here are my thoughts exposed to remind you of Cyzinha. They are perhaps ugly, but they are sincere, and within them is imprinted all the sadness that I feel with the arrival of our last day together. Do not forget me. Always have a loving thought for your little friend and pray to God constantly for her. Be good and pious so that Jesus will bless you.
Thousands of kisses and affectionate hugs from your forever colleague and friend.

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