“Our Milk man”

United Kingdom, February 23, 1938

Our Milk man is called Mr B. and he brings our milk every morning. He has a horse and its name is Dolly, and he has cart to put his milk cans in. My mothe pays him every Saturday night, and some times he brings us milk at night. He lives up Utkinton road, and he has a farm with pigs, and cows, and a horse. On each side of his cart he has a lamp to see where he is going, and sometimes in Summer he gives me apples. Sometimes when I go for a walk I see him bringing his cows in, on a Winter’s night, and on a Summer’s night to. He has two daughers’s and one son. His son’s name is Horace and his two daughters’ names are Dorothy and Mary and Horace is getting Married today and he is marrying Hilda J., and it is going to be a grand wedding.

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